How to choose a canoe

If you want to have fun in a lake or river, consider using a canoe; it offers you a great experience outdoors. Designs and materials used have changed over time, but that doesn’t affect canoes from being the best ( Modern canoes have not lost the old design even though little changes have been made. If you are planning to buy a canoe, consider looking at the following basics.

First of all, you need to ask yourself the following questions before when choosing a boat ( How many people you plan to paddle with, the kind of paddling you like, trips you prefer, and the amount of gear you want to bring along. So what matters when choosing a canoe?.


A wider boat is always comfortable. That is why you need to consider this factor, a narrow boat makes it easier to paddle, and apart from that, they are easier and lighter to keep it steady.


When it comes to size, you need to look at depth, width, and length because this is what determines the capacity the canoe will carry.


The most popular canoes are those ranging between 16 and 17 feet; this is because they have a great speed, enough space, and easy to manage. You can paddle with these canoes on long distances without experiencing any problem. Short canoes are light in weight and rarely affected by winds; they can take you narrow places that large boats can.

These are some of the major factors you have to consider when choosing or buying a boat. You can ask people who have purchased canoes before; they can help give you an idea of what to pick and what not to.

Once you buy your canoe, you can now enjoy life in the river or lake, don’t forget to get peddles because it’s one of the important things you should have.